The Lake

I’m sure everyone will have a favorite spot in their city, which they would love to visit, to steal a moment’s peace from the hustle-bustle of their daily lives. A place where one would like to sit back and relax. Empty the mind and absorb the surroundings in all its pristine beauty. Like Tom Hansen does, in 500 Days of Summer.

Below are pics I clicked at my favorite spot in Bangalore :- Sankey Tank. A man made lake in western Bangalore, it definitely is one of the most beautiful places in the city . You can spend hours just staring at the calm waters. As you watch the sun set and listen to the wind caressing the trees and the laughter of children playing in the park, you feel at peace.

I come here often when Im upset,

When inside me swells a heavy secret,

I whisper my sins to the blue waters,

And inside its vastness they remain buried, forever.

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11 responses to “The Lake

  1. The last two lines were awesome.

  2. I came across your blog after seeing the pics Deepa shared and I must say I identify with every line of your post. Sankey is that spot of Bangalore, for me, as my blog post describes –

    Loved the pictures and the poem 🙂

    • Thanks!! I must say its refreshing to see there are people who love these beautiful parts of bangalore. Cos iv mostly seen people idolize only places like Koramangala and stuff. Thats why i was eager to take pics which show the real beauty of places like Sankey, so that people realise what they’re missing. I count myself lucky to live close by to Sankey. 🙂 Ok i can go on and on. Ill stop now. 🙂

      • A true Bangalorean can never hold the newer places in the city dearer than places like Malleswaram and Jayanagar. The charm of these places itself is different and endearing 🙂

      • Very true!! Hear Hear!! 🙂

  3. nice writeup…
    NCJ playground in Jayanagar is my everyday getaway into reality (I live online).
    and the long serene walk inside IISc campus, from the main gate to the residential quarters, although occasional, is a refreshing change in O2C filled Bangalore.

    • IISc has a beautiful campus too. Even driving beside it is a pleasure with so many trees. One of the most green areas in Bangalore.

  4. i am missing B’lore… if only I knew all the reasons that made me leave the place…i would go rewrite those 😦

    you go there when you are upset?…i suggest you start going there more when you are happy too…sometimes it’s good to give back something good to something that makes you feel good.

    • Thats a good thought Bala. But yeah i do go there when Im happy also. Its just that when Im sad going there has the biggest impact.

      And don’t wish to rewrite anything that has happened. Im sure what has happened has happened for the best. You may not realise it now but ull realise it someday. Im talking from experience 🙂 Once even i wished i could have rewritten some stuff. Not anymore. You too will come to that realization some day.

  5. the pictures are beautiful!!

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