Presenting: Youtube Movies

Yes thats right!! Youtube now has a dedicated movie channel where hundreds of full length movies have been uploaded. You can access it by going to As of now a bulk of those movies are on the edge of what we could classify as C-grade ( and highly NSFW) cinema, nevertheless there are a few classics up there and a few good documentaries too. Surprisingly the one category which has a slew of good movies is “Bollywood”. Among cheesy fare such as “Vivah” there are also quite a few classics like “Padosan“, “Amar Akbar Anthony“, “Andaz Apna Apna” etc. A good collection for people who want to watch retro Bollywood flicks. I even stumbled across the National Award-Winning “Kanchivaram” and started watching it. The quality was good and streaming was smooth .

This new feature could also provide a very good platform for documentaries and small budget indie films to reach out to everyone. Even though the current collection of “good movies” is minimal, im sure that within a years time this would turn out to be a popular destination to watch a good chunk of movies.

Last year Youtube launched its “Youtube Shows” where people could watch some popular TV shows from certain networks. And now movies. This is a gradual move by Google to make Youtube a one-stop entertainment portal. This is in sync with their plans for Google TV, where an android based device connected to a TV set will run the Chrome Web Browser, effectively merging the internet and television. Google wants people to be able to browse the web, watch TV shows and movies, all with Google TV.

This brings into spotlight, the timing of the launch of Youtube movies, as it has happened just days before the Sept 1st Apple Press Conference, where Apple is widely expected to announce the new “Apple TV” — their own digital media receiver which is touted to run on iOS.

And the great game unfolds….once again.


4 responses to “Presenting: Youtube Movies

  1. i knew about youtubemovies ..this is old new btw :P:P jk

  2. I saw the movie Kanchivaram after reading your post. What a wonderful movie….

    • iv not yet finished watching it…im watching it in 30 min installments a day 😛

      but yeah its received a lot of critical acclaim. shows that priyadarshan actually has a lot of talent masked by all the campy movies he churns out every 3 months.

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