Movie Review: Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2 has all the trappings of a traditional big-budget Hollywood action flick. Dazzling pyrotechnics? Check. Witty dialogs laced with double entendre? Check. Russian Bad Guy? Check. Badass gizmos and mean-looking robots? Check. Very attractive and curvaceous actress in a skin tight black suit? Check. Need i say more?

Iron Man 2 is good, but its not great. However, i must say that i wasn’t a big fan of Iron Man 1 either and chances are that if you loved the first installment you’ll like the sequel too, in equal measure, though i must warn you that some of the novelty of the first movie has worn off.

So, Tony Stark is now under pressure to turn over his Iron Man armor suit to the US govt, which detests so much power in the hands of one man. He also has an industrial competitor in the form of Justin Hammer, another weapons manufacturer, who aims to outdo Stark Industries in weapons development. There’s a mild Steve Jobs-Bill Gates analogy in this. In addition, Tony has to face a Russian physicist-gone-cuckoo, Whiplash, who is out to take revenge against Tony due to an old family grudge. However, this time Tony has help at hand from Colonel Rhodes and a mysterious secret service agent. To top this all, Stark has to figure out a way to stop the slow poisoning the Iron Man armor is causing him before the toxicity kills him. Phew. Nobody’s heard of too many cooks spoiling the broth? The movie and its ensemble (over)cast reminded me of past duds like PoC: At World’s Ends and Spiderman 3. Both movies were riding on high expectations following previous blockbuster installments, but managed to mess things up by including too many plot points and unnecessary characters.

For a summer action flick, the movie dint have many edge-of-seat riveting action moments. However, the highlight of the movie is once again the very talented Robert Downey Jr, who effortlessly portrays the dynamic and narcissistic Tony Stark. His bad-ass attitude and tongue-in-cheek dialogs are a treat to watch. Scarlett Johansson’s character has very little to do, but as long as its portrayed by Scarlett Johansson i don’t think anybody’s complaining. The witty dialogs and the pervasive subtle humor remain as strong as they were in the first movie.

I guess you realise you’re growing old, when you see Tony Stark use some sort of optic fiber cable and a lazer beam refracted through a prism to create a new element and you cant help but laugh at the absurdity of it. Or maybe thats just being hypocritical, cos at the same time you’re drooling over his shiny red Iron Man armor. Oh, the innocence of childhood!!! Anyways, despite some inherent flaws, Iron Man 2 is definitely worth a watch. Go for it!!

P.S: Wait till the end credits get over to watch a special bonus clip from the movie. Or you can just skip the wait and watch it on youtube, but then you wont get to brag about it like im doing now.


2 responses to “Movie Review: Iron Man 2

  1. we’ll go on tue ok !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. It was prtty gud movie i felt, all though there were only arnd 4-5 guys in the entire theater for this show. Scarlett was truly mesmerizin !

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