Lost in Translation

There are just around 200 minutes remaining before ABC’s hit series “Lost” comes to a close. The show debuted in 2004 to rave reviews and high viewer ratings. It even notched an Emmy in the best drama category for its first season. However, ratings gradually slipped and viewership declined as well, during the subsequent seasons. The Lost faithfuls though, remained glued to the show. Having followed the show for 5 years now, i am a tad bit disappointed with how the sixth season has turned out so far. I expected far more answers to be on the table with just 5 episodes left to air. It is disappointing when the show’s creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof  claim that the only answer they owe the fans is about how the connection between the flash sideways timeline and the island timeline will eventually make sense. They created a totally new (unnecessary ) theory in season six and they now claim that that is the only answer they owe to the fans?

I also feel that with season six, the show’s theme and characters have been diluted. The show was always about the confrontation between reason and faith, epitomised by the characters of Jack and Locke. Locke’s death resulted in the loss of one of the most memorable characters in TV history. And Jack seems to have left his logic and reason behind and has taken the place of Locke in believing in the island and his destiny inter-twined with it. This confrontation between reason and faith has been replaced by a more banal good vs evil duel. The characters now just seem pawns in the hand of the Smoke Monster and Jacob. Another interesting rivalry was that between Charles Widmore and Ben Linus. I think they could have spent more time on that and shown how these 2 powerful characters take their fight to the endgame. However, the scheming, cunning and manipulative Linus has been reduced to an almost helpless state.

The island in itself was a very interesting character. It seemed to have a mind of its own. It seemed to have free will. The survivors came to fear it and the secrets it held. However in season six, this sentient nature of the island has been replaced by Jacob. I think it was far more interesting to wonder why this inanimate island chose to bring certain people to the island rather than knowing that they were brought here due to a flesh-and-blood Jacob.  Jacob and “the man in black” themselves not having been introduced till the finale of season 5, it looks like the past mysteries are being bent around to fit this plot device.

The strong sci-fi under-currents to this show have been diluted out too. While the last 2 seasons focussed on the anachronistic and electromagnetic properties of the island, this season is only focusing on the Smoke Monster. I think most sci-fi fans would have loved season 5( and season 4 to an extent) for the interesting plot created due to time travel and the focus on the experiments of the mysterious Dharma Initiative. I think they could have focussed more on these anomalies of the island.

Honestly speaking, no-one wants all the mysteries to be answered, but I think at least most of the them should be answered so that it doesn’t seem like the creators were randomly throwing in mysteries without any deeper meaning behind them. Season six is good no doubt. However, it is just not as radical as i expected it to be (at least until “The Candidate” episode). I’m sure more answers will be revealed in the last 5 episodes. I just hope they have better explanations than the “island whispers” mystery. For a more detailed read on the various mysteries of Lost, click here.

Update: ABC has extended the duration of the series finale of Lost from 2 to 2.5 hours. This extension turned out to be necessary apparently because there has been so much crucial material shot for the finale, titled “The End”, which could just not be left out. More on this story here. This is very good news to all us Lost fans. Here’s hoping the series ends with a bang!


2 responses to “Lost in Translation

  1. Hey Ulgy,

    I seriously can’t belive u still watchin LOST!!! i couldn’t take the few episodes of the few seasons… Wats wrong wit u!!!!!!!!!!!
    Towards the end of season i think all the directors go high n do stupid stuffs.. Evn in Prison break, in the final season they have draged it a bit n making Schofiled to climb the buildin n all like a spiderman..!!! Its very funny though.. i don’t understand, y directors do such a stuppidest of things towards the end… U don’t get dissapointed abt Lost being one of them 🙂

  2. hehe…i still hafta watch the last few episodes of prison break 😛

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