Hello world!

“Hello World!!!” 🙂 ……

The world though, doesn’t seem to be too amused right now.

Eyjafjallajokull is still spewing out tons of ash and lava, plunging the airlines industry into a financial crisis and stranding thousands of passengers.

The next prototype of the iPhone was left behind in a bar by an Apple employee and the internet is buzzing with the exclusive pics. A CEO in Cupertino is probably thinking: “Somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad!!“.

Goldman Sachs is being investigated for fraud by the SEC and with this, everyone’s confidence in “Big Banks” has only tanked further.

And, RCB takes on MI in the semi-finals of IPL 2010 today. Sadly, RCB’s current form doesn’t inspire much confidence in anyone that they will go into the finals. Mumbai are currently the hot favourites to cruise into the finals and win the tournament itself. Even with so much exciting cricket around, the nation’s attention is fixed on Tharoor-gate and the sleaze and grime around the IPL’s bidding process. Lalit Modi is going down, but will he have the guts to take down others with him?

Like I said, the world doesn’t seem to be too amused right now.


4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. so much happening in space of 7 days … and yeah rcb gonna win 2night

  2. is vijay better than robin !!!??

  3. Welcome back!

  4. About time you got back to blogging mister 😀

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